About Us (Family Owned)

About us (Family owned)

Day & Nite Rugs

Our primary objective is to create a safe and hygienic indoor environment for you and your loved ones. Through sustainable, ethical, and ergonomic practices, we strive to achieve this goal. With over 45 years of experience, our business has thrived by treating our valued customers with compassionate expertise. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service empowers you to make informed decisions when choosing the right cleaning company. Trust Day & Nite Rugs for all your area rug cleaning needs.

About Us (Family Owned) since 1976

Day and Nite has its roots out another company started in 1976 called Cleancraft. Cleancraft was formed in York South Carolina in a different era of rug cleaning and service as well. A time when you got what you expected, the service you paid for done on time and correctly.

These lessons were instilled by the foundation method of Duraclean. Talk about a different time. But the business lessons taught still apply today. Our methods are vastly different than in the 70s but one thing is the same the quality we strive to deliver on all our goods and services. We have grown over the years from one man cleaning carpet out of a truck to a whole family and then some working together in a state of the art rug plant.

If we can do anything to enhance your experience with us please let us know and thank you for over 45 years of business.

Quality rug cleaning in Tulsa.

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About Us (Family Owned)