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Kilim Pillows – Each one bearing its own unique tale.

tulsa kilim pillows

Your home provides an avenue for self-expression and the embodiment of your personal style. It serves as a canvas where your authentic essence can radiate, and one effective means of achieving this is by adorning your space with exquisite kilim throw pillows. Indeed, if you aspire to make a resounding statement and enhance the aesthetics of your interior, kilim pillows are unquestionably the optimal choice. These pillows seamlessly blend elegance and fashion, effortlessly complementing any decorative style, be it bohemian, eclectic, contemporary, or a fusion thereof.

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Discover our meticulously curated collection of exquisite vintage kilim pillows, each thoughtfully crafted from salvaged mid-century Turkish kilim rugs. These sustainably-made treasures have been ingeniously repurposed into captivating accent pieces that effortlessly infuse any space with a cozy ambiance.

Distinguished by their ethical creation process and exclusive use of individual pieces, our kilim pillows are truly one-of-a-kind. Each pillow represents a unique fragment of a larger masterpiece, ensuring an unparalleled sense of artistry and heritage.

At our Day & NIte Rugs, we are committed to prolonging the lifespan of these handcrafted works of art, and our kilim pillows exemplify our unwavering dedication to this endeavor. Take part in this exceptional journey, as we celebrate the beauty and cultural significance of Turkish kilim in an extraordinary form – kilim pillows.

kilim pillows


The kilim pillows are derived from vintage Turkish kilims, which are traditional rugs and mats. Consequently, each pillow possesses a distinctiveness that ensures no two are identical. However, you will discover numerous pillows of exceptional beauty that perfectly complement your desired aesthetic for your home. These kilim pillows are available in an extensive range of colors, patterns, and combinations, catering to various preferences such as shabby chic or high-end elegance. Simply integrate them into your rooms to achieve the desired ambiance.

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