Antique Art Deco Rug 8’9” x 11’6”


#1075 Brown
Dimensions: 8’9 x 11’6

Colors: brown, burgundy, yellow, blue

Pile: Low Pile

Material: Wool Pile, Cotton Foundation

Origin: Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug

This beautiful, handmade rug is a rarity!
This Art Deco rug was woven in China during the 1920’s.
It has a wool pile on a cotton foundation.
The chocolate brown center is beautifully bordered by a rich red.
The red border is more on the pink side than the picture shows.
The rug is sprinkled with delicate flowers in mostly blues and yellows.
The rug measures 8.9×11.6, and is very soft.
This style lends itself well to both modern and classic styles.
Please ask questions, and thank you for looking.
#1075 Brown

Chocolate Brown

8’9” x 11’6”

Wool & Cotton

A cotton foundation with wool nap


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